We’ve all been moonstruck. 

You watch a full moon totally mesmerised, wishing you could see it closer, way up high and away from glare of the city lights.

In 2017, SkyPoint will fly you to the moon for the ultimate full moon viewing experience at the Observation Deck. At 230 meters above the ground, this is the ultimate vantage spot for either simply admiring the beauty of a full moon or capturing the insta-worthy but elusive image of ‘la luna’. 

In line with the lunar calendar, SkyPoint’s full moon viewings are on: 


  • Saturday 4th November
  • Monday 4th December

Entry: Entry for this astronomical experience is only $10 from SkyPoint entry
(Complimentary entry with your Dreamworld multi-day ticket/pass or SkyPoint Pass). 

Why not create the ultimate evening out, wining and dining by the light of the silvery moon.

Ticket purchase available on entry on the day of the event.