Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can do it?
    1. SkyPoint Climb has been designed with a moderate to high thrill level. For those who enjoy a sense of security, an internal handrail will run along the full length of the Climb course and for those who like to 'live on the edge', they will enjoy the freedom to walk along the side of the building which is open to the views and the vertical drop.

      Climbers must have moderate fitness and strength levels and be able to comfortably walk approximately 280 stairs in addition to climbing some mid-length step ladders.

      Climbers will take regular stops throughout the experience however will need to be able to remain standing throughout their time on the Climb course which is approximately 30 minutes. There are no toilet facilities on the Climb component of the experience.

  2. Are there any age restrictions?
    1. Yes, SkyPoint Climbers are restricted to 12 years and over to meet safety requirements. Children aged between 12 and 15 years must be accompanied by a responsible full paying Adult. A minimum of 1 responsible Adult for every 2 accompanying children is required.

      Those over the age of 75 years will be required to seek advice and clearance from a medical practitioner before climbing and have that practitioner complete a Medical Clearance Certificate.

  3. Can a child climb?
    1. Yes. To participate, climbers must be 12 years old and over 130cm tall. Children aged 12 to 15 years inclusive must be accompanied by a full-paying adult. The adult to child ratio is 1 adult for 2 children.

  4. Are there any weight restrictions?
    1. You cannot climb if you weigh 136kg or over when fully clothed.

  5. What checks are conducted prior to the climb?
    1. Our climb leaders will utilise a handheld metal detector to wave the wand over your body to ensure no metallic loose items have been forgotten. You will also need to comply with a breath alcohol test. 

  6. What about drinking alcohol prior to doing a SkyPoint Climb?
    1. All climbers must have a blood-alcohol reading below 0.05 to climb. During the Safety briefing, all SkyPoint Climbers will be breath tested.

      Climbers who blow over this level will not be permitted to Climb. If you refuse to be breath tested you will not be able to participate and your ticket will be non-refundable.

  7. What time should I arrive?
    1. Please arrive at the time of your scheduled climb, we have allowed time to check-in for the experience. 

  8. Where do I check-in upon arrival?
    1. You will need to check-in before the SkyPoint Climb experience starts. Keep an eye out for the bright orange 'SkyPoint Climb' building on the ground floor.

  9. Can people with medical or psychological conditions and/or a disability participate in a Climb?
    1. All people considering participation in SkyPoint Climb must consider their physical and psychological ability to safely complete the Climb without endangering themselves or anyone else participating in a Climb. SkyPoint is very supportive of all customers wanting to participate in a Climb, however please be aware that we reserve the right to decline participation at our sole discretion.

      To participate successfully generally requires;

      • The ability to Climb independently without the support of another and without the support of walking aids
      • A moderate level of fitness and strength with the ability to traverse inclines of between 30 and 65 degrees for approximately 110 metres at a slow to medium paced walk
      • Full body control with good hand-eye-foot coordination

      SkyPoint Climb does not allow customers to participate in the Climb if they:

      • Under 130 centimetres in height
      • Weigh in excess of 136 kilograms fully clothed
      • Are greater than 20 weeks pregnant (under 20 weeks pregnant requires a medical certificate)
      • Suffer from Broken Bones or severely Impaired Limbs
      • Have recently undergone Surgery or have been under the effect of Sedatives or General Anaesthesia within the last 48 hours
      • A limb, joint or back injury or broken bone that currently affects fitness, strength or ability to climb independently
      • Suffer from Vertigo, Dizziness or Balance problems
      • Suffer from a Heart or Cardiovascular condition that has been diagnosed within the last 6 weeks or for which the customer is not following a medical practitioner's Medical Condition Management Plan
      • Suffer from Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath
      • Suffer from Epilepsy and are within 6 months from having been diagnosed
      • Have suffered a Fit, Seizure or Fainting Episode in the past 6 months
      • Have suffered from Syncope or Blackouts in the last 12 months
      • Suffer from Acrophobia (true fear of heights)
      • Register a blood-alcohol reading of 0.05% or higher during the compulsory breath test
      • Are considered by SkyPoint staff to be under the influence of substances or drugs (whether prescription or not)

      SkyPoint Climb advises that the following conditions may also prevent any person from safely participating in the Climb experience. If any of these do, or could possibly apply to you, you should seek advice and clearance from a medical practitioner before climbing:

      • All Heart or Cardiovascular conditions (including high or low blood pressure)
      • All Respiratory Conditions
      • Back, Limb or Joint Injuries or conditions impacting stair climbing ability
      • Visual impairment (other than those who wear prescription glasses or contact lenses)
      • Learning Conditions
      • Epilepsy
      • Sleep Conditions
      • Kidney or Renal Condition
      • Neurological Conditions
      • Acute Gastrointestinal problem
      • Pregnancy
      • Any other medical condition or health concern which may affect or cause you to doubt your fitness, strength or ability to complete the Climb independently.

      Climbers who suffer from Diabetes, a life threatening or debilitating Allergy or any other Medical Condition that requires management, will be required to provide details of a Management Plan for their specific condition to ensure that they will be capable of safely completing the Climb.

  10. Can I bring my medication with me on the Climb?
    1. Essential medication, for example diabetic and asthmatic medications can be taken onto the Climb at SkyPoint's discretion and in line with Health & Safety requirements. Your Climb Leader would carry it on your behalf.

  11. Can I climb if I'm pregnant?
    1. Climbs are generally offered to pregnant women up and no greater than their 20th week of pregnancy, provided that the pregnancy is a low-risk pregnancy. Expectant mothers less than 20 weeks pregnant must consult a medical practitioner before participating in a Climb experience and have that practitioner complete and sign a SkyPoint Climb Medical Clearance Certificate.

      Please note that specific harnesses and equipment are not available for expectant mothers, and each Climber should consider the comfort and safety of available equipment based on their pregnancy.

      It is strongly recommended that customers consult their obstetrician or treating doctor, or a medical practitioner who can contact their treating doctor with any concerns. Any decision to participate in the SkyPoint Climb, regardless of any medical clearance, is at the risk of the participant.

      Climbs are not available to pregnant women undergoing a high-risk pregnancy, or with medical conditions that could affect their ability to participate in and complete the Climb safely and comfortably. Relevant medical conditions may include:

      • High or low blood pressure
      • Abnormal bleeding or cramping
      • Extreme morning sickness
      • Diabetes; and
      • Other medical conditions such as epilepsy and back injuries.

      Climbers are attached to a continuous static fall arrest line via a harness, lanyard and attachment equipment. Each Climber is also required to carry equipment on their belt weighing between 2.5 and 3.5 kilograms. If a Climber slipped, tripped, or fell along the Climb route, the Climber may experience a jerk delivered through the belt. Pregnant Climbers should note that such jerks can result in a maternal or fetal injury.

  12. How long will the SkyPoint Climb take?
    1. The SkyPoint Climb takes approximately 90 minutes from beginning to end. This includes the safety briefing, suiting up, the Climb, and de-gearing.

  13. What clothing should I wear on my SkyPoint Climb?
      1. Please wear comfortable clothing on the day of your climb appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions. We will provide you a required climb suit that will go over the top of your existing clothes.

        No loose items, including jewellery such as rings, necklaces, piercing jewellery, and watches are allowed on the climb, and whilst lockers are supplied, SkyPoint cannot take responsibility for the security of valuables and advises you not to bring valuables with you.

  14. What shoes should I wear?
    1. Please wear comfortable, rubber-soled shoes such as running, sports, or hiking shoes. Any open-toe shoes are not permitted on this climb.

      As part of our COVIDSafe plan, we are no longer able to provide fully enclosed shoes should you not have any.

  15. Can I bring glasses or sunglasses?
    1. Yes. SkyPoint Climb will supply a special lanyard to ensure your glasses remain attached to you at all times.

  16. Can I take my camera or phone on SkyPoint Climb?
    1. No. Loose items cannot be taken on the Climb, including cameras and mobile phones. We provide secure lockers for you to keep your camera or any loose objects during your climb.

      Your Climb Leader will take a variety of photographs of you, including your complimentary Climb group photograph.  

  17. What will I do with my valuables?
    1. Lockers are provided to keep all personal items such as mobile phones, jewellery, watches, and any other valuable items, these lockers are large enough to fit a small backpack.

      SkyPoint is not able to take responsibility for the security of any belongings in these lockers and accepts no responsibility for the storage of larger bags, suitcases or other items that do not fit in the available locker.

  18. Do SkyPoint Climbs depart in all weather conditions?
    1. SkyPoint Climb operates in all weather conditions, with the exception of electrical storms, hail storms, or excessively strong wind conditions (in which cases the Climb will be rescheduled).

      If you are unsure whether or not your climb will be going ahead, please contact us on (07) 5582 2700.

  19. I can no longer make my climb time, what can I do?
    1. Changes to the date or time of a reservation are permitted up to 7 days before your confirmed climb date, subject to availability. Changes requested inside of 7 days cannot be accommodated.

  20. Should I go on SkyPoint Climb if I am afraid of heights?
    1. SkyPoint Climb is a completely safe experience. You will be in a safety-harness and attached to the external walkway at all times. If you do have a fear of heights, it is best to inform your Climb Leader so that they can consider the best way to assist you to conquer your fear.

      SkyPoint Climb is not appropriate for individuals with Acrophobia (true and diagnosed fear of heights), and people with this condition are not permitted to Climb.

  21. Is SkyPoint Observation Deck included in my SkyPoint Climb experience?
    1. Yes. You – the Climber, are granted one complimentary entry to SkyPoint Observation Deck for the date of your Climb. We recommend you use it to celebrate your accomplishment with friends in SkyPoint Bistro + Bar after your Climb. This ticket is non-transferable.

  22. What if there is a deck closure on the day of my climb?
    1. Your climb will still go ahead. SkyPoint reserves the right to close the Observation Deck at any time. This may hinder your entry into the Observation Deck after your Climb. You are able to use your complimentary Observation Deck entry either before the Deck Closure, the day before your climb or the day after your climb.

  23. Where can I park?
    1. SkyPoint has ample complimentary car parking in the visitors carpark under the Q1 Building via Hamilton Avenue. This complimentary parking is available for the duration of your visit to SkyPoint only.


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