Fear of Heights

Fear of Heights

Have a fear of heights? Make sure you read the below before deciding if you're ready to climb.

Most people experience a degree of natural fear when exposed to heights, but when seen to conquer their concern, they are met with a rush of enthusiasm and confidence.

SkyPoint Climb is the perfect escape for overcoming any barrier you may have to heights. Once you have challenged the steps and successfully made your way to the peak of the Climb - looking out and admiring the breathtaking views of the Gold Coast, you will be left with the feeling of complete euphoria, ready to take on the world!

SkyPoint Climb is completely safe, and with the guidance of an inner hand rail and all the necessary safety equipment – including a harness and static fall arrest line, you can comfortably focus on the view before you.

An extreme fear of heights should be disclosed in your Climber Disclosure and brought to the attention of your Climb Leader on the day of your Climb. Our Climb Leaders have received training to assist them in supporting Climbers who have a Fear of Heights.

Please note that persons who suffer from medically diagnosed Acrophobia are not permitted to Climb.