Sunday Sundowns

Sunday Sundowns

SkyPoint offers live music 2-5pm every Sunday! It's the perfect opportunity to experience a relaxing afternoon with 360' views of the Gold Coast. Sunday Sundowns is included in your observation deck entry.

8 September

Gregg Peterson

Gregg's solo performance seem anything but with the use of a looper, stomp and other effects he leans heavy on improvisation in his originals and covers. Psychedelic Rock and Roll, Blues and Roots, Americana are mashed together in a showcase of his American musical heritage.

gregg petterson
15 September

Rick Barron

I've been a full time musician since 2009, racking up over 2000+ gigs so far, working with venues and agents alike. Now you can usually find me playing in some venue, quiet or crazy busy, any given Thursday to Sunday!


22 September

Jake Hobbs 

Growing up, Jake became inspired by genres such as blues, jazz, rock, soul, and rnb, becoming particularly fond of artists including John Mayer, Jack Johnson, D'Angelo, The Eagles, The Beatles, The Doors, and many more. Using a guitar, microphone, and loop pedal, Jake combines these genres and influences to entertain people of all ages with various musical interests.

Jake Hobbs
29 September

Nicky Convine

With a voice that immediately recalls some of the female vocal greats like Janis Joplin, Grace Slick and Florence Welch, Nicky weaves through a blend of country and new-folk, drawing the listener in with her deep, personal storytelling.