Program options: Gold Coast Landmarks: Years Prep – 5

This self directed program allows students to develop a greater appreciation of the Gold Coast's historic and geographical environment and its place within South East Queensland's landscape. Students embark on an exciting exploration of fact finding fun – learning about the construction of the Q1 building and its importance as an identifiable landmark within the Gold Coast area. Listed below are activity books for your primary students to download and use.

Fun Facts Fact Finding Handout (PDF 41kb)
Fun Facts Interview Handout (PDF 44kb)
Fun Facts My Visit To SkyPoint (PDF 42kb)
Fun Facts Present And Future Handout (PDF 45kb)
Fun Facts Script Writing Handout (PDF 54kb)
Fun Facts Staff At Work (PDF 44kb)
Fun Facts What Do I See (PDF 48kb)
GC Landmarks Prep Student Activity Booklet (PDF 2.9MB)
GC Landmarks Prep Teacher Overview (PDF 1.0MB)
GC Landmarks Year 1 Teacher Overview (PDF 1.03MB)
GC Landmarks Years 2-3 Student Activity Booklet (PDF 2.9MB)
GC Landmarks Years 2-3 Teacher Overview (PDF 1.0MB)
GC Landmarks Years 4-5 Student Activity Booklet (PDF 1.9MB)
GC Landmarks Years 4-5 Teacher Overview (PDF 1.3MB)
GC Landmarks Year 1 student booklet (PDF 2.6MB)
SkyPoint International Student Activity Booklet (PDF 3.4MB)

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